Mannum Houseboats

A choice of Mannum Houseboats situated on the Murray River at Mannum.

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See the magnificent Murray River with a houseboat from Mannum.

Mannum has long been a popular place for boating and to experience the calm waters and beautiful scenery of the Murray River system. There are countless places to anchor your vessel to relax and take in the Murray's charm.

Houseboat Hire

How do I know what size of Houseboat to Hire?

This would depend on the size of your party that is about to enjoy the Murray River - you may choose from a variety of vessels that cater for a couple wanting to escape right up to houseboats that will accommodate a large number of family and friends.

Always book a vessel that will give you more room rather than less as a few days on a confined vessel may tak a toll on your holiday enjoyment.

Most houseboats will have TV's, BBQ's with some houseboats equipped with DVD and spa.

Why Hire a Houseboat in Mannum?

The River offers some amazing scenery to enjoy while you cruise in your very own luxury houseboat fully equipped with all necessary facilities. You will experience the serenity of the Australian countryside as you cruise the river or stop at any of your favourite locations for beakfast, lunch or overnight stay.

What other cost will I have when I hire a houseboat?

Apart from the hire costs, your main expense when renting a houseboat is fuel. Normally the houseboat will be full of fuel when you hire it out and upon return, it will be filled again and you pay the corresponding amount for fuel. Obviously the more you cruise along the Hawkesbury River and the larger the vessel, the more it will cost.

Be very careful to look after the vessel as damage caused by you will charged to your credit card. When on the water take extreme care with the vessel as the safety of you and your friends largely depends on your actions.