Tour Code: K5

AAT Kings Puffing Billy and Dandenong Ranges Tour half day

Take a half day trip to ride Puffing Billy & see the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria with AAT Kings. Enjoy Devonshire Tea, rainforest scenery & wildlife.


Tour Highlights:

  • Dandenong Ranges
  • Devonshire Tea
  • Hand-feed birds
  • Puffing Billy train
  • Visit quaint Sassafras

Tour Points

Bus Type: Large
Departs: 8:10am Melbourne 8.10am from Federation Square, Corner Flinders & Russell Streets or earlier from your acc
Returns: 1:00pm Melbourne
Apr 15-May 15: Daily Jun 15-Mar16: Tue, Thu & Sat

Tour Information

This morning you are going to enjoy some good old fashioned fun amidst some of the most beautiful rainforest in Victoria. The journey will take you through Melbourne’s eastern suburbs with views of the Dandenongs in the distance.

The Dandenongs

The Dandenong Ranges, known to the locals as the Dandenongs, are beautiful low mountain ranges just 35kms east of Melbourne. At their peak, they rise to more than 630 metres and are cloaked in lush rainforests of Mountain Ash trees (the tallest flowering plant in the world), waterfalls, rolling hills and steep valleys. The region is home to the famous Puffing Billy Railway, numerous art and craft stores and cafés offering delicious homemade produce.

Grants on Sherbrooke & Morning Tea

Nestled in the heart of the Dandenong Mountains is Grants on Sherbrooke – a haven in the wilderness. On arrival you’ll be charmed by the surrounding mountain hue and crisp clear air. While here you’ll enjoy a traditional Devonshire Tea of homemade scones, served warm with jam and cream, and tea, served in china tea cups – just a treat!

Included Meals: Devonshire Tea

Handfeeding the Bird Life

Grants on Sherbrooke is a paradise for bird life and you’ll be serenaded by the wonderful bird song that fills the valley. You can also handfeed some of the most striking Australian birds such as the colourful Crimson Rosella, Sulphur-crested Cockatoo and Pink-chested Galah. It’s a lot of fun and a great opportunity to get a photo.

Puffing Billy Steam Train

Next you head the short distance to Belgrave, home of the famous Puffing Billy Steam Train, where you are in for a real treat! This century-old steam train is maintained in its original glory and runs to this day on its own mountain track from Belgrave to Menzies Creek. Here you’ll go back in time as you get on board for a 30 minute ride through the heart of the rainforest. You’ll see the locomotive depot that services and maintains the train, head through the gorgeous Sherbrooke Forest and ride over the old Trestle Bridge. Just before Menzies Creek you can see stunning views of Port Phillip Bay. What a great ride!


From Menzies Creek you’ll then be on your way to the lovely little village of Sassafras. You’ll be travelling through thick rainforest that is home to all sorts of wildlife, so keep an eye out for Lyre Birds and Wallabies. Once in Sassafras you can take your time to explore the delightful antique and craft shops dotted throughout the village. You might even find a little something to take home with you.